Who We Are?

Since 1985, Children's Center for Discovery has been committed to providing a healthy and safe environment in which your child can learn, play and grow. An experienced and caring staff of early childhood development specialists sees to the daily needs of all students enrolled in the schools programs. Through play and self discovery, each child will be encouraged to expand and develop a greater sense of self awareness, self expressions, and self esteem. Intellectual and physical abilities will be challenged as well as each child explores the environment.

A genuine, warm, and inviting environment promotes staff development and team work. The emphasis is on quality leadership, training, and communication to create a motivating atmosphere. These tools provide a support system that nurtures continuing education and career development within the company. Our long term employees are a statement to this philosophy.

We are a Maryland Model for School Readiness Facility. Meaning our curriculum standards are one and the same with Maryland State Department of Education using the same guidelines. Our credentialed teachers are eager to help guide each child to the best of their abilities through well planned lessons and activities. We like to consider our parents as our Partners in Education.

Our Philosophy

Children's Center for Discovery exists to improve the lives of children by emphasising the "whole child". We develop social, physical, emotional, and intellectual/cognitive growth. We design activities that foster creativity, stimulate imaginations and develop positive self images through the "Joy of Discovery". This process is promoted by the learning-through-play philosophy and enriched classroom environments designed to meet the needs of children.